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We promote the continued success of family enterprises worldwide through:

  • Consulting
  • Executive Education, Speaking and Family Meetings
  • Board Service

Contact us for inquiries or any questions you may have regarding family business.


E.J. Poza Associates, Inc.

Phone: 480-538-2120


Here’s what some of our clients are saying about us:

"Thank you very much for your expertise and empathy in this succession process. It would have all blown up if we hadn't had you. We love happy endings like we had last week in our board meeting. There is more ahead but that was the biggest part."

– 2nd generation shareholder and director, U.S. manufacturer.

"You don't really own a family business, you just grow it for the next generation, is what you told us. And you backed it up with management and governance best practices that we implemented successfully. That's the kind of actionable insight and wisdom that we got by having you as our advisor. It made all the difference!"

– 3rd generation President & CEO, Latin American Industrial Group.

"Professor Poza gave me the frameworks I needed to understand my complex family relationships. I am now highly motivated to keep my company strong for the next generation."

– 3rd generation CEO and Owner, Japan

"One of the top 3 family business consultants in the world."

– Howard Muson, Former Editor, Family Business Magazine and Business Roundtable Reports.

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