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Ideas Worthy of Action

E. J. Poza Associates is an internationally recognized advisory services firm for family enterprises and families in business. We work closely with our clients to build united and enterprising families after addressing business, ownership and often sensitive family issues. We bring trusted expertise to executives and family leaders in order to develop leadership and responsible ownership in this and the next generation.

Treasuring legacy while creating opportunity

Family enterprises, research shows, financially outperform management-controlled companies worldwide. Strong and agile cultures rooted in strong values are often a contributor to their unique strategies and competitive advantages. E. J. Poza Associates routinely promotes a greater understanding among enterprising families of the wisdom of the legacy (the secret recipe) while helping them dare to envision and build a future of growth, opportunity and continuity from generation to generation.

Family Governance: How Leading Families Manage the Challenges of Wealth

Governing the relationship between an owning family and its wealth and enterprise is both art and science. To read a comprehensive and thoroughly researched study on governance in the family enterprise, including cases from around the world, Download our White Paper.

Download Our White Paper: Family Governance: How Leading Families Manage the Challenges of Wealth

Ernesto J. Poza is the author of 25 articles and 7 books, including the most widely adopted textbook by business schools on the subject of family business. His books include the following:

  • Family Business, 5th edition, (2018, Cengage Publishing),
  • Governing Family Enterprises (2014, Palgrave Macmillan),
  • Empresas Familiares (2005, International Thomson Ed.),
  • Family Business (2004, Thomson Publishing),
  • Smart Growth: Critical Choices for Continuity and Prosperity (1989).
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